A Study in Unpreparedness

I swear that this Thursday snuck up on me. It wasn’t until just now that I thought to myself “S@#$, it’s Thursday. Need a new blog post….” I blame the long weekend.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Victoria Day weekend as much as any other red-blooded office employee, but sometimes I find it a little irksome.

Sure, it’s great getting the day off, but seeing as it’s a day celebrating the birthday of a long dead Queen who didn’t even live in our country, I tend to forget about it. Forgetting about a holiday isn’t really a problem unless, like me, you put off your grocery shopping until you’re completely out of food.

Suddenly dinner turns into an episode of Survivor.

Is Survivor even a show anymore?


Huh. Apparently so. Remind me to write a blog post about how The Real World and Survivor spawned a television epidemic equivalent to the zombie apocalypse.

Anyway, back to running out of food.

Sure, I could get delivery or go to a restaurant if I can’t find an open grocery store, but that would be admitting defeat. It would be admitting that I wasn’t prepared and even though I know I wasn’t prepared, I won’t be defeated by my own unpreparedness.

Does that make sense?

Of course not, it’s just arbitrary stubbornness, but being stubborn for arbitrary reasons is a tradition in my family (I’m 90% certain it is a tradition in ALL families) and I must adhere to tradition!

You might think I’m joking, but I once lived off the same hunk of cheese and can of beans for 2 weeks because I couldn’t afford groceries and was too stubborn to ask anyone for help because I knew I could make it to the next pay day on the little food I had and I wasn’t about to sacrifice my pride, just so I could eat something that wasn’t protein. Intestinal health is no match for pride.

Besides, once you do the thing, you get to boast about it.

Oh yeah! Who survived living like a 1930’s Cowboy minus the cigarettes? I DID!

Is it an accomplishment anyone will admire you for?


But it’s something.

Sometimes something is enough.

As much as I joke about being arbitrarily stubborn about things because of my pride, I’ve made a lot of personal progress regarding that aspect of my life in the last few years and especially in the last year in particular.

I’ve talked (rather extensively, but I won’t apologize for it) in this blog about how I’m trying to fight through the pride and fear of rejection (half of pride IS fear) to ask for the things I want, to ask for help, to ask to be included, and it’s really starting to have an impact.

I didn’t realize it until I got looking at my calendar, but through taking tiny steps to try and make myself more plugged into my own life, I’ve created a momentum that’s rolling like…a thing that rolls. The point is, it’s moving. Pretty much all my weekends between now and the beginning of July are booked for one adventure or another.

I’ve got lots of plans with friends, I’m forging better connections between myself and the people I care about, I’m even giving dating another shot. Well, I went on one date and it was the first date in like a year and there wasn’t really any chemistry, but at least I tried!

I love having so much to look forward to. I think that when every week is a countdown to a new adventure, it really helps the time fly. Either that or it’s the whole “Time-Speeds-Up-Every-Year-You-Get-Older” phenomenon.

Honestly, I’ve been so busy with things that I haven’t had much time to put into this week’s post, but seeing as I’ve been working hard and achieving my goals, I’m going to let myself get away with a short post this week. Mum will probably complain (HI MUM) but I feel I’ve earned a semi-lazy day.

However, before I go, here are some things you can look forward to in upcoming blog posts:

  • Great Glebe Garage Sailing and Why Bargain Hunting is My Drug
  • Horseback Riding and Sleepovers
  • Purging, Haggling, and Other Skills
  • Montreal Shenanigans
  • Balloooooooooooooooooooooooooon

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