Sharing WITHOUT Social Media

This week I feel like I have very little to say.

The reason I feel that way is because what I WANT to be writing about is precisely the thing I won’t let myself write about.

See, this past Saturday, I completed another BIG 30 Project item.

I jumped out of a plane.

Ever since I landed, I’ve been excited and impatient to share my experience because it is one of significant meaning to me and I’m very excited about the whole thing. I haven’t shared much of it online yet, though, and there’s a reason I’ve shared only one photo from the experience and have yet to post the video online where all my friends and family can see it.

As anxious as I am to share my adventure with ALL my friends and family, I think there’s something to be said for sharing these types of things in person.

It wasn’t really all that long ago that people had little choice but to share things in person. The entire reason for for visiting was to catch each other up on news and to share photos, and there was a very particular kind of joy in sharing that together. You felt closer to each other and it was fun to watch the reactions of one another as you shared parts of your life with the people you care about.

I think we’ve lost some of that with things like Social Media. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook and Instagram are great but I think that like all things, they ought to be used in moderation. It’s become so simple to share all our news with the click of a button, I worry that we sometimes cheat ourselves of the fun of sharing in the…well….sharing.

So, I have chosen to keep my video and my photos offline until such time as I’ve had a chance to share in the sharing of them with some of the people closest to me- both literally and figuratively.

I mean, how many times am I going to have the opportunity to watch my parents watch me jump out of plane? (At least the first time)

I’ll only ever get one chance to watch my folks watch me skydive for the first time. So, why would I cheat myself of the opportunity to watch them watch me?

It occurs to me that this is getting kind of creepy, but it’s not about being creepy, it’s about sharing our lives with the people that matter and taking the time to take part in that sharing. That’s how you build memories.

I have shared the video and photos with a few friends thus far but I have done so in person and I can’t tell you how much more fun it is to see friends react than to see a ‘like’.

Skydiving is not something I think most people ever expected me to do and to love as much as I did, so watching friends watch the proof of the event has been kind of awesome. I get to see their surprise at watching me do the thing, even though they knew I was doing it.

It’s like watching someone’s view of you change and that is kind of a miraculous thing to see.

This weekend, I’m going to be visiting my folks, cousins, and probably grandparents.

I can’t wait to show them the video.

These are people who have known me my entire life. People who have known me as the cautious child I was, the girl who hated (still hates) being atop a ladder. To watch them do something even I wasn’t sure I was capable of is something I’m looking forward to immensely.

So, this week’s blog post is going to be a little shorter than normal.

Because everything I have to say inside of me is tied up in excitement and secrecy.

Once it’s time, though, I can’t wait to share it.


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