Well….Now What?

The problem with doing really cool stuff and making a list of really cool stuff to do is thinking of of the stuff in the first place.

In the past year I have gotten a tattoo that means a lot to me, learned how to reupholster a chair, seen/played for/met one of my musical favourites, ridden a horse, dragged my Mum into a hot air balloon, shot fricken lasers into my eyes, and jumped out of a plane. Where the hell do I go from here?

Yes, I am aware this is the first of first world problems.

I’m not completely out of ideas yet. I still want to go zip-lining, maybe take an art class of some kind, and make my own beer stein, but how does one come up with more stuff to do?

The world is full of adventures and opportunities, but sometimes finding them is the problem.

I am an independent, self-sufficient lady, which is great, but it also means I have to hold down a job and pay my bills. This means that I have to limit at least some of the stuff I do to weekends and areas I can get to. The latter can be a bit of a problem because I don’t have a car and sure, Uber and cabs and rentals are a thing, but see the part about me paying my bills? Yes. That limits the budget a bit.

So, with these limitations in mind, I’ve been Googling my heart out trying to find interesting things to do in and around my city.

Turns out, pretty much everything written about my city is either a complaint about how there’s nothing to do here or something about politics.

So, I’ve taken a different tactic and started seeing what OTHER people think I should do before I turn 30.

The results are…disappointing and sometimes downright insulting.

Most of these lists often have items I’ve already done: Travel by yourself, hike a mountain, volunteer for something, do karaoke somewhere, other generic idea.

Some of these lists are downright full of crazy: Get Married, Have a Baby, Forgive Someone, Try-Not-To-Rage-Punch-Your-Computer-As-You-Read-This-Bullshit-List.

Also, a disconcerting number of these lists involve running a marathon.


Looking at all of these lists and cringing every time I read them reminds me of why I failed the first time I tried to do this. Clearly, what I think is interesting and what the generic list-makers thing is interesting, are not the same thing.

So many of these lists have income reliant items like “Go to Paris”, “Go to Vegas”, etc. I’d love to do that stuff but this list isn’t about travelling. It’s about me DOING things I want to try and PUSHING my limits.

I keep seeing this one item on all these lists: “Do Something that Scares You”. To me, that shouldn’t be an item ON the list. It should be the very essence of the list itself.

I think that as I move forward, I’m going to have to do some digging and figure out what I really would be interested in and what I’m scared of that I haven’t conquered yet.

I’m terrified of electricity but I haven’t figured out a way to incorporate that yet.

At least without wetting myself in terror.

Which would be a bad idea because pee is mostly water and water is a particularly good conductor.

Hard to blog about turning 30 if you don’t live to see it.

Maybe I could take a risk by doing something in public that I don’t know if I’m any good at?

Maybe I could try stand-up?

Maybe I should try sending one of my short stories to a publisher?

There is so much out there to be done if I could only think of it, so I ask you: Anyone who reads my blog: Please let me know what scares you or what you’d put on a 30 before 30 list. Who knows, maybe we share some fears.

That’s part of what this is all about.

Sharing fear and hoping to buggers off once it can’t stop us.


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