Uber X? More Like Uber eXcellent

If you read Canadian News, you may have noticed lately that Taxi drivers are losing their shit over Uber.

They’re protesting in Toronto, there’s this article and video from CBC of a Taxi driver pounding on an Uber driver’s car window and clinging to the vehicle as he tries to get inside, refusing to let go even as he gets dragged along.

There’s this video of taxis allegedly blocking an ambulance.

Taxi drivers are clearly pissed. On the one hand, I can understand why. I’d explain it to you, but I’m lazy, so I’ll let Cracked explain in this video:

So, there you have both sides, yes? I’ve been impartial long enough, yeah?

Last night was my work’s Christmas party and I took an Uber there and a Taxi back.

Now, first of all, I have to say I had a great taxi driver and have no complaints about him at all…BUT


I have officially had the best Uber experience of my life and it’s all thanks to a driver called Glen.


Picture: Not Glen, but only because this statue is not fabulous enough

Glen’s car was what I imagine First Class must be like. I don’t know, I’m poor, but having ridden with Glen…yeah. I know what First Class is now.

When he arrived outside my apartment building, Glen leapt out of the car with the exuberance of a young boy at Christmas. He greeted me by name, shook my hand, and opened the door for me like I was some kind of Royalty or Old Hollywood Diva.

It was great.

Upon being whisked into the spotless interior that looked better than any limo I’ve ever been in and smelled like pride of ownership and expensive upholstery, Glen told me that the various accouterments beside me were free of charge for my enjoyment.

He offered chilled water, sparkling water, chocolates, mints…it was like staying in a hotel you know you can’t afford.

Glen, in his melodious voice, confirmed with me where we were headed and off we went.

When I mentioned that I was headed to a work Christmas party, he even pulled out a CD he’d made SPECIFICALLY for that occasion.  A playlist just for his holiday clientele.

Glen was super friendly and engaging. We talked about my work, his work, and the world in general. I learned that he was a former solider who now works for the government and how he liked driving because it gave him the interaction with people he didn’t really get at work. I talked a little about my own work and, given his military background, shared with him my brief experience working for Library and Archives to help move the former military records.

He asked me a question I’d never been asked before: “How do you think handling those files changed you?”

I told him how I found myself looking at conflict in a more tangible way and how it made it easier for me to conceptualize large numbers of casualties. After handling those records, I started to see large numbers of casualties in news reports as crowds of people rather than letting the number slide through my consciousness with little acknowledgement beyond “Oh, that’s awful.”

I have never been so sad for a drive to end.

Sadly, it did.

I wished Glen a Happy Holiday, many amiable customers, and safe driving before stepping out of the luxurious dream I’d been in and heading into the bar to meet my colleagues.

This morning, I got an e-mail asking me to rate Glen.

I gave him 5 stars.

I would have given him the entire sky if I could have.

In a world where people tend to hate their jobs and hate people more, people like Glen are a refreshing breath of reassurance.

I’m lucky because I love my job, my colleagues,and my apartment, but there are so many people who hate their jobs. Glen doesn’t seem to hate his job OR the job he’s chosen to take up on the side. His positive attitude and enthusiasm is contagious and I feel like I brought that with me into the Christmas party last night (though that could have been the free booze).

I think maybe the reason I like Glen so much is that it’s rare to find other people who employ as much of the “Life is what you make of it” attitude that I try so hard to live by. He clearly makes his life fun and he made mine fun by association.


I’m not sure what’s with me lately.

This is the second time in a few weeks where I’ve made a really lovely human connection with a stranger. I mean, sure Glen is one of the most amazing strangers I’ve ever met, but what’s happening to me?

I used to be dead inside.

I was COMFORTABLE being dead inside.

Now I have all these….feelings.

Maybe it’s just a holiday thing.

Then again….maybe I’m going all The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.




P.S. Glen, if you’re reading this, let’s go on a road trip.


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