The Bare Necessities

You know that religious parable, Footprints?

Where they guy is all:

“Yo, Jesus, there’s only one set of footprints when my life was at it’s hardest. Why’d you bail?”

and Jesus is all:

“When you only see one set of footprints, that is when I got bored and went for a walk on the water. I can do that you know. Also, it’d be nice if we could have a conversation every once in a while that wasn’t just you asking me for stuff. I have needs too, you know.”

I might be remembering it wrong.

Well, despite the fact I’m not remotely religious, that tie between life and footprints on a beach has always struck me.

I don’t exactly know what it is about having bare feet, but I find it really relaxing.

I like not being constricted by socks and frankly, I don’t find socks keep my feet that warm.

Shoes on the other hand, when combined with socks, do make my feet too warm.

So, when I can and when it’s comfortable, I like to go barefoot.

It might seem weird, but I like feeling the ground under my feet. Something about it makes me feel more connected and some of my happiest moments are when I’m barefoot. Like when I’m at the cottage and walking down to the lake on old pine needles or I take a detour down to trod on the soft moss until I get to the warm beach and dig my toes into the sand to feel the tiny grains crunch together. I might take a walk along the damp shoreline or stick a plastic chair in the edge of the lake and stick my feet in the water.

One of my favourite barefoot moments was when I was travelling with a friend in Italy. We went up the leaning tower in Pisa and I slipped a few times because my sandals didn’t have a great grip. So, after we got to the top, I went barefoot. I remember the marble was warm at the top of the tower and it radiated through my feet until we headed down and as I stepped onto the chilly marble staircase and into the grooves left in the marble, I thought about how many pairs of feet had made that same journey, carving those grooves in the marble in the process, and somehow I felt closer to those that went before.

It might seem strange, but something about going shoeless feels like I’m getting away with something.

It reminds me of being a kid, of parties where those of us who were in heels laughingly said ‘Screw this noise!’ and piled our shoes in a corner so we could dance unencumbered. It reminds me that I am here.

To feel the tile of my kitchen after leaving the carpet of my bedroom or the hardwood of my living room is a very tangible signal to my brain that I am in a different space.

It probably sounds a little naive, but I think we’d all be a little happier if we went barefoot more often.

I mean that metaphorically, mostly.

Unless you’re in a relationship, chances are you haven’t had much physical contact today or most days. We as a society have become so removed from everything. I’m not saying that’s a particularly bad thing, but I think it’s important to plug back in once in a while.

For me, I plug back in when I hug a friend or do something that gets my hands dirty or go barefoot.

It’s kind of sad that I charge my phone more often than I charge myself. Especially because I’m really shitty at remembering to charge my phone.

I can’t wait until summer comes and I can wear sandals, which is the next best thing to not wearing shoes, and go for barefoot walks on the beach.

Until then, I think I need to find a few more outlets for myself to plug into.

More hugs, maybe?

Maybe it’s time to find something new to get my hands dirty with.

I don’t know, but I know that I need a new outlet because as much as I love going barefoot, I have no desire to do so in the Canadian cold.

Don’t think I could BARE that.

P.S. I can hear you all groaning at my pun. Shut up. You knew who I was when you started reading this…I assume. Ok, maybe you didn’t. Still, shut up. Puns are great.


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