Between us is empty and hollow-

something used to live there but it long ago

withered or else made its way to someplace better.

This is a place of angry cracks

formed by a calculated dehydration.

Nothing can live here without assistance.

You could call until your throat bleeds,

dust from long neglected lungs billowing out

like fireworks to celebrate that finally,

for once,

you’re breathing outwards,

but until you take just one step forwards,

no one would ever be able to hear you.

When I see you-

I smell salt.

I wonder if you wear me around your neck.

Is that where you keep me?


Have I become a totem to remind you of decisions you can not rescind?

Is that why you’re so silent?

Do you think I would choke you if you spoke?


I’m so much more than you ever made me out to be,

my wings are not broken,

I am not dead,

if I hang by your neck,

it isn’t truly me,

it’s simply a bird you’ve given my name and placed there,

because as long as you wear it,

you can continue your stagnation

and point to your suffering to say

“This! Is this not enough?”

You’re caught in a nightmare’s mirage of your own making

and I am done patiently waiting

for the day you take that step forward,

expel the years from your core,

and admit

you could yet do better.


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