You Are Real



I wonder if you know that you are not a thing  I am seeing.

You are to me, what you became;

an accumulation of conversations at parties,

breathless laughter and words of encouragement,

wrapped in the warm glow of a vintage home videos-

the kind where all the sound is just a little bit boxy

and the images are clear yet just grainy enough to make you believe

that for one moment

you knew things were exactly that beautiful when they were happening.

You’ve become a Velveteen Rabbit,

you can’t be unmade.

You are a million moments,

memories of who we were

before we became who we are

and promises of who we might yet be.

I’m so glad we grabbed that time

and had the sense to revel in our greedy grasp of it.

Our gluttony was no sin,

it was a blessing.

Wherever that next road goes,

whatever might be at the end of it,

know that I fully intend to follow some day

if only so I can grasp your hand

and gleefully whisper

“Let’s go again,”





I don’t think I’m particularly good at poetry, but here’s yet another poem because it’s one of the only ways I can convey love that doesn’t involve baked goods.


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  1. I really liked it a lot! Although your disclaimer was funny with the baked goods comment–don’t sell yourself short! It was well done!


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