Home Sweet Home

Hello and welcome to the first post ever on this: my new blog that I will actually stick with this time, I swear.

I’ve tried in the past to maintain a blog and it’s never really worked for a few reasons:

  1. Commitment is scary and hard 

    (Incidentally, also why I’m single. Gentlemen *eyebrow waggles*)

  2. I could never pick what I wanted to write about

    (Sometimes I can be indecisive. Well, no…..yes? Yes……no? Maybe)

  3. I never set a schedule

    (Who needs a schedule when you’re not sure you can do the thing?)

  4. I didn’t really broadcast it or make myself very accountable to anyone.

    (Like I would advertise the fact I might fail. Pfff, what am I? New?)

I think that, this time, I’ll be able to stick with it. Because:

  1. I’m committed.

     I actually PAID for a domain name. If $26 doesn’t say ‘I’m committed to making this work’, I don’t know what does (Gentlemen *eyebrow waggling intensifies*)

  2. I have chosen what I want to write about!

     In this blog I’ll be writing about the trials and tribulations of everyday life, talking about my BIG 30 project, and putting my own strange brand of crazy on everything I touch.

  3. I have set a schedule.

     New blog posts will be up every Thursday because Thor’s Day is Hammer Time.

  4. I am making this as public as I possibly can.

     I’m especially accountable to my friend Brian, who successfully badgered me into finally putting this together in the way only an expectant father can. (Before you ask, no, he’s not a seahorse. Yeah, I was disappointed too.)

So that’s it. That is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside-down….wait. No. No, that was Will Smith.

Anyway, I hope you all make the, admittedly poor, life decision to join me on this blog. As we move forward, please feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

Because this is the internet, what could possibly go wrong?



  2. *makes… an awesome life decision.. and bookmarks!*


  3. Erm… *testing, testing.. 1..2..* If you get two comments from me… that’s just how I roll! (and.. you know, internet problems… haha) Anyway *makes the most amazingly awesome life choice of… FOLLOWING!* ❤


  4. Staying tuned like a kid during Saturday morning cartoons is told to do between commercials.


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