The BIG 30 Project

The Big 30 Project is something I started after I turned 25.

A couple of years ago I let friends and family set me a number of tasks that I tried to get done before my birthday.

I failed.


The biggest reason I failed was the way I planned it.

I didn’t give myself enough time, the goals were random and not all of them were things I found interesting.

Around the time I was turning 25, I started looking for new things to try. I wanted to experience things I’d never done before, try something new, take a risk.

Then, I thought to myself :

“What if I gave myself some motivation? What if I tried to gain 30 new life experiences before I turned 30?”

Thus, the BIG 30 Project was born.

The rules are simple:

  • Items only count if they’re documented
  • It has to be a skill, experience, or event that I’m excited about and has personal meaning
  • All 30 items must be completed on or before midnight, March 2nd, 2019

That’s it! At my 30th birthday party, I plan to look back through all of the things I’ve done and raise a toast to having accomplished stuff.

One of the things I love best about the project is that there is no set item list for me to stick to.

It’s about making the effort to look for what I want, make things happen, and accept opportunities that come my way.

The BIG 30 Completed List

#1. Postmark Tattoo

#2. Reupholster a Chair 

#3. See Amanda Palmer Perform Live

#4. Meet Someone I Admire

#5. Play an Instrument in Public

#6. Ride a Horse

#7. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

#8. Get Laser Eyes

#9. Go Sky-Diving

#10. Cover Up My First Tattoo

#11. Try Pottery

#12. Huck Axes at Stuff

#13. Adopt a Dog

#14. Attend a Ball

#15. Try Falconry

#16. Go Backwoods Camping

#17. Rappel Down a 20 Storey Building

#18. Swim With Sting Rays

  1. Rosemary Stringer

    I admire you Chrissy, good for you. Rosemary


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